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The Meadows Partners Rentals Team comprising Charl Joubert, Josh Fabris and Millie Carberry operates its service mandate with the mantra:


  • Landlord: They commit to the responsibility of owning an investment property
  • Tenant: commit to the tenant that they have signed up for with the landlord
  • Staff: They commit to the job they have applied for.



  • Landlord: They take ownership for the investment property by maintaining it in the highest standard to maximise their investment.
  • Tenant: Ensures they follow the philosophy of:
    1. Ensuring rent is paid on time.
    2. Looking after the property as if they own it.
  • Staff: They own the tasks assigned to them and ensure they control and maintain them to the highest standard.



  • Landlord: Investment grows and possibility of adding more investments to their portfolio
  • Tenant: Grows within the tenancy industry and gets a good name in the rental market
  • Staff: Grow within the company and become an expert in the industry




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