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We use property me as our landlord login portal. This give you all the information that you need in regards to your property whilst managed by us. Please click the adjacent blue property me logo to access the landlord portal.


Meadows Partners - Landlord Insurance

We recommend EBM to our Landlords to obtain their landlords Insurance. Please click the adjacent EBM logo to access their website for more information.

Why choose us to manage your property?

Our experienced property management department is comprised of a talented and committed, high performance team who are dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for your assets. We strive to maximise your financial returns with minimal stress, and are fully transparent on all ownership issues.

Our success in management is due to a clear understanding of the key elements necessary for profitable investment ownership:

  • Excellent tenant selection
  • Clear and efficient management processes
  • Honest and prompt communication
  • Rapid response to problems


Meadows Partners operates a client central management model. Our staff each manage specific areas in servicing your property, as a result you will always deal directly with the individual who is handling specific issues relating to your assets. You will always be supplied with all relevant information to assist you in making informed decisions.

  • If your tenant is intending to vacate, you will be notified promptly by our leasing team
  • In the case of rent disputes and defaults, our arrears manager will contact you as soon as the issue is identified, and work with you and the tenant to resolve the matter
  • If tenant eviction is recommended, your consent will be sought by our leasing team and you will be fully updated during the eviction process
  • Where property maintenance is required, we will operate fully within the agreed guidelines regarding maintenance works. Quotes will always be obtained, and your approval will always be obtained as necessary by our portfolio consultants
  • When performing property assessments and rental reviews, our portfolio consultants will insulate you from the tenant during all communications,ensuring a stress free inspection

Tenant Selection

We go beyond expectations to validate potential tenants.We firmly believe the quality of your tenancy will directly impact on your experience and financial concerns as a landlord.

We’re diligent in our search for the best tenant for your property, and we’re honest and fair in our assessment.

  • We screen all prospective tenants
  • References are checked thoroughly
  • We will provide a clear and direct tenant recommendation
  • Your decision is always sacrosanct

Management Systems

Our processes are always goal oriented; we recognise your unique needs as a property investor. Our management procedures are designed to exceed your expectations.

  • We perform detailed and accurate pre- and post-leasing inspections, ensuring that the value of your property is always a priority.
  • Every 6 months we provide property inspection reports to keep you informed as to the state of your property.
    Issues that arise during these inspections are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Rent payments are managed in accordance with leasing agreements. If problems do arise we provide fast and financially considerate resolutions that meet all regulatory requirements.
  • Rent is reviewed regularly to verify that you are receiving fair market value. Where works may be required to ensure a greater return, we will communicate this to you clearly, and if necessary manage the building improvement works.
  • Rental income is collected and electronically paid into your nominated bank account punctually.

Rapid Response

We are always able to respond swiftly to issues that arise regarding the service of your property. You will be contacted by the staff member directly servicing your needs, reducing delays in solving problems and ensuring the best outcome for your property and tenancy.
Our model is client centric, so rather than having a single property manager who handles every task, we use a

  • Team Approach to guarantee the fastest and most efficient results.
  • We perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Someone is always available to solve your problems.
  • The best person for the job, is the person assigned the job.


Landlord’s Insurance
Sometimes things just don’t go to plan – regardless of how well they’ve been managed. We recommend Landlord’s Protection Insurance to secure against rent loss, tenant damage, and clean up costs. This is especially helpful if you have a mortgage over your investment property.

Bill Paying
We can service all property-related expenses at your instruction. Council and water rates, Insurance fees, Owners Corporation fees, and more can be deducted directly from your rent at no additional cost to you.

End-Of-Year Financial Statements
We provide end of financial year summaries in order to simplify your accounting procedures.