Meadows Partners are experienced in project marketing and have successfully marketed projects for property developers including new off plan projects and subdivided and renovated existing apartment blocks

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Our specialist projects division, Meadows Projects, provide the full breadth of services for each development from pre-planning through to post-completion.

The Difference

Meadows Projects provide the full breadth of services for each development from pre-planning through to post-completion.

By appointing Meadows Projects as the sales and marketing agent, our clients benefit from a wholly professional service.

As part of our appointment, we will undertake and diligently perform all of the below services in consultation with the development team.

“Melbourne’s apartment specialist.”

Our Complete End-To-End Solution

  • Property Acquisition
    Assistance from highly experienced agents can save thousands – “it’s all in the buying”.
  • Feasibility Analysis
    Thorough assessment of all costs and inclusions to get a proper end value.
  • Master Planning and Concept Analysis
    Input from a variety of professionals aids in covering all aspects of the project.
  • Review Plans and Permits
    Often the “conceptual” plan may not have had the “market” consideration.
  • Design Optimisation
    One design does not fit all. Some simple redesigns may increase saleability and rate of sale.
  • Market Research and Valuation
    Targeting the right buyers comes from research and knowledge of immediate marketplace, which parallels accurate values.
  • Tendering Builder and Project Manager
    Aligning with the appropriate professionals is paramount.
  • Pricing Strategy
    Ruling a line through a development at a $/m2 rate is not how we price projects.
  • Project Marketing
    Specialist operations require highly experienced operators focused on projects.
  • Total Sales and Marketing Strategy
    Your project starts with the first sale but importantly requires the last property to be sold to realise your profits.
  • Project Launch Campaign
    A successful launch is imperative to set the standard for a successful project.
  • Local and Overseas Sales
    We assess who the target market will be and how we approach tapping into that market.
  • Pre-Settlement Inspections (Final Inspections)
    Why outsource to companies with limited knowledge of the project and no relationship with the builder or purchasers?
  • Full Settlement Service To End Users
    We are the common thread for communication starting from point of sale through to settlement and post settlement issues.
  • Property Management
    Discuss how we can work with you to joint venture your property management, always in a totally professional manner.
  • Owner Corporation Management Service
    Our specialist and proficient owners corporation division makes settlement handover a simple and efficient exercise.